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Stress less, impress more: 5 reasons why an event planner is every memorable party’s secret weapon

Almost anyone can book a venue, hire a DJ, arrange some food and whip up a drinks reception. But the devil is in the detail. And it’s these details that can make or break a party. If you’ve got a celebration coming up and you’d rather spend less time worrying and more time lapping up the festivities, then here’s why an event planner is your most valuable party asset.

You’ll save time

Planning an event is no easy task – and depending on the size (and wow factor) you’re looking for – it can eat into some serious time, too. But event planners like us do this day in, day out. At JustSeventy, we’ve got everyone from trusted venues, caterers and decorators to lighting specialists, videographers and entertainment on speed-dial, so you won’t have to spend days collating lists, arranging meetings and marrying up dates. After an initial meeting, we’ll know exactly what you need to make your party aspirations a reality – no matter how tight your schedule. We’ll also have as much, or as little, input as you need to make your party planning easier.

You’ll save money

One of the most surprising benefits of hiring an event planner is that they can actually save you money. At JustSeventy, we give our clients access to the best rates from trusted suppliers who can deliver exceptional results – and then some. Working with you to create your brief and budget, we know exactly where to put your money to make it go further. We also know where to save, where to splash and where there’s wiggle room to make your budget work best for you. As an added bonus, you’ll rest assured that every single detail is taken care of – which is pretty priceless.

You’ll get exactly what you want

Whether you’ve got a basic idea of what you want, or your party’s a complete blank canvas, a professional planner will know how to inspire you, push the boundaries and bring your wildest ideas to life. Our professionals have the experience, contacts and vision to make your ideas a reality – even if they were impossible to achieve on your own. In fact, our team thrives on a challenge. Our trusted contacts, slick timekeeping, exclusive rates and the ability to seamlessly tie in every detail – no matter what the timeframe or budget – means we deliver flawless results every single time.

You’ll impress your guests

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah, graduation or any other excuse to celebrate, chances are your guests have seen it all before. But this is where our event planners thrive. Their vision, innovation, industry know-how and creative flair will give your party the theme – and the details – that will take your soirée to the next level.

From rotating 360-degree dessert stations to ice bars serving nitrogen cocktails, our planners will help you take your party guests on an unforgettable journey that optimises both your brief and your budget.

You’ll breathe

Let’s face it, planning an event and doing it all yourself is a huge job. And it’s stressful, too. Hiring an event planner to offload the task means that you can take a step back, have as much input as you need (or want), and forget about sweating the small stuff. It also means that you can actually relax and enjoy the party as a guest – without having to worry about any of the details. At JustSeventy, our event planners are here to make the planning process – and the event itself – as enjoyable and memorable as possible for you.

If you’ve got a milestone event coming up and you want to spend less time stressing and more time impressing, then call our creative team to get inspired today.

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