Luxury experiences conceived with vision, originality and warmth.

When JustSeventy creates an event, it is an elegant affair, meticulously planned and laced with sophistication in a convivial setting. We deliver an unforgettable experience that delights and inspires and we do it with the utmost warmth and charm. No request is too large or too small: we can respond to your individual requirements and you will find that we will always exceed your expectations.

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With JustSeventy ‘Full Service’ means precisely that: we are unstinting in our efforts to achieve a breath-taking event which will live with you for a lifetime. During the planning our clients become our family, as we absorb your ideas and, with our diverse skills and talents, convert them to reality, whether an elaborate banquet, a major product launch or intimate family dinner.

Here are just some of the areas included in our full-service event planning:

  • Venue sourcing and management
  • Stationery design and guest communications
  • Event concept, design (including computer-generated renderings), and venue plans
  • Supplier selection and co-ordination, hand-picked and trusted
  • Caterer collaboration, menu design, tasting co-ordination and consultation
  • Time plan creation and management
  • Creative direction
  • Artist booking and liaison
  • Accommodation co-ordination and bookings
  • Travel arrangements for all local and destination transport
  • Event planner availability and attentiveness from the outset
  • Event day leadership, supervision of all logistics and time management
  • Event production supplied by our owned production company
  • Event day support for all planned and changing needs
  • Post-event follow up and care of the highest quality
  • Global sourcing

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