Meet the team

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Director LaurieJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Director Laurie

Laurie Weitzkorn


Professional passions: Immersive Experiences  Musical Entertainment

Life loves: Avocado  Gin & Tonic  Ibiza  DJing  Running

Why JustSeventy: Clients remember not just the party but how great we made them feel. This is how we forge beautiful relationships with our clients.

Perfect Event: Immersing the guests into an events-cape with multiple layers of immersive experiences from the food through to the entertainment usually helps. Check out our Creative Circus creation.

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Director StasJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Director Stas

Stas Anastasiou

Creative Director

Professional passions: Attention to Detail  Pushing Creative Boundaries

Life loves: Family  Greece  Holidays  Food & Cocktails

Why JustSeventy: Creating unforgettable experiences with an amazing team of talented passionate people.

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Event Consultant JamieJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Event Consultant Jamie

Jamie Landesberg

Event Consultant

Professional passions: Making the impossible possible!

Life loves: Fashion Boxing Travelling Music Tequila

Why JustSeventy: When you become a trusted confidant to the client, after the journey you have taken them on.

Perfect Event: My perfect event is organising an intimate abroad wedding where the focus is the holiday and not the wedding day! Love attention to detail.

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Senior Event Producer RebeccaJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Senior Event Producer Rebecca

Rebecca Sawtell

Head of Events

Professional passions: Music  The Special Touches

Life loves: The Outdoors  Espresso Martini  Social Celebrations  Bootcamp

Why JustSeventy: No detail is ever over-looked when we bring creative ideas to life.

Perfect Event: My favourite events are where every planned element culminates into an atmosphere where guests’ lose their inhibitions and engage in their surroundings. Watching other people’s enjoyment as a result of our team effort is highly rewarding. 

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Senior Events Producer ZoeJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Senior Events Producer Zoe

Zoë Hetherington

Senior Event Producer

Professional passions: Client Relations  Event Organisation

Life loves: Reiki  My Family  Meditation  Keeping Fit

Why JustSeventy: In bringing a vision to life, we create a memory that will last forever.

Perfect event: My favourite events are ones where the hosts become guests at their own event, and at the end of the night ask if you can start all over again. 

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency EricaJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Erica

Erica Pew

Head of Business Development

Professional passions: Attention to Detail • Networking 

Life loves: Travel  Margaritas  New Restaurants • Friends • HIIT & Boxing

Why JustSeventy: Awesome team, different level creativity & killer delivery.

Perfect Event: My favourite event was a boat cruising around the mediterranean where there was a different party each night. It was decadent, hot and not your average day in the office! 

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency MicheleJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Michele

Michele Dilley


Professional passions: Fixing Problems  Playing with Numbers

Life loves: Family  Red Wine  Holidays  Cooking  Trash TV

Why JustSeventy: JustSeventy brings unique luxury. Every event is one of a kind, created just for you. (JS = J4U)

JustSeventy Creative Events Agency Non Executive Director MikeJustSeventy Creative Events Agency Non Executive Director Mike

Mike Kershaw

Non-Executive Director