The top corporate event-planning mistake

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The top corporate event-planning mistake (and how you can avoid it)

A corporate event puts your business’s reputation on the line. It’s all eyes on you. Competition is fierce, expectations are high, and the pressure to deliver has never been greater. There’s no room for error – and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to take the DIY approach.

We’ve seen businesses fall victim to the “Google search” method time and time again – and we’ve also stepped in to sweep things up and save the day. No matter what the size and scope of your event, here’s why hiring a corporate event planner can help you avoid the pitfalls – and deliver the results that will benefit both your business and your guests.

An event planner saves you time and money

Contrary to what you’ve heard, hiring an event planner won’t just save you time (we spend on average 200 hours planning each event. Time we’re sure you could spend better on the rest of your to-do list), but can actually save you money, too. At JustSeventy, once we’ve established your initial brief, budget and objectives, we’ll know exactly where to put your money to make it stretch further. We also know where to save, where to splash and where there’s room to make your budget work best for you.

Aside from negotiating the best deals for you, we also give you access to the best rates from trusted suppliers who can deliver exceptional results – and then some.

After an initial meeting, we’ll know exactly what you need to make your event expectation a reality – with as much or as little input as you require. We’ll also make sure you have detailed plans, proposals, and budgets that keep you – and any relevant stakeholders – fully in the loop of all aspects of the event.

An event planner makes sure your event is on-brand

Anyone can plan an event. But an event planner will make sure your event stands out from the rest. Our design team will also take brand guidelines into consideration to make sure your event is an extension of your business’s mission, vision, values and culture.

Whether you’re shining the light on company culture, corporate social responsibility or launching a new product or service, our design team knows how to harness your brand to maximise impact and heighten your message’s delivery.

If you really want your event to stand apart, we can also help you create event-specific logos, branding and hashtags that optimise your core messages, enhance engagement and encourage audience participation, too.

An event planner offers a fresh, creative approach

With expectations (and competition) at an all time high, making your event memorable has never been so important. Creating the right theme will get your guests excited about – and engaging with – your event. It will also make marketing your event and connecting with your audience a lot easier too. Our design team lives and breathes creativity – and they’re also adept at making the seemingly impossible a reality.

An event planner can track (and optimise) your event data

From tracking ROI and measuring KPIs to collating guest information and monitoring engagement, an event planner will help you collate, interpret and optimise the event data you need.

At JustSeventy, our dedicated team have tried and tested methods of recording – and presenting – event data so you won’t have to worry about the stats. Post-event, we’ll also give you a breakdown of how objectives were met, how the statistics can be interpreted and how the data can be used to feed into future events and marketing efforts.

An event planner takes care of the details

Event planners like us are trained to meticulously consider every single aspect of your event. This means you can rest assured that no minor detail will get overlooked during the planning or execution. At JustSeventy, we carefully evaluate the logistics, to make sure that everything from the venue (including access, safety, staff and facilities) to the details (such as invites, branding, décor, deliveries and entertainment) not only line up, but also exceed your expectations. We’ve also got the experience and foresight to know what to do in any and every scenario. So if something doesn’t go exactly as planned, you can rest assured that you’ll get flawless results – whatever challenges are thrown your way.

Failing is not an option for us. No matter how challenging your timeframe, budget or vision might be, we’ve got the creativity, strategic planning, foresight and flair to help you optimise the experience for both your organisation and your guests. Call our creative team to get inspired today.

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