One milestone birthday is excuse enough for a party, but what about when four family members have big birthdays all in the same year? Call JustSeventy and make sure that it becomes an extravaganza!

Set at home in the glorious Cotswolds countryside, the concept was to simply enhance and enjoy the existing surroundings. A party to be held over a weekend, the team set to work not only organising the event as a whole but also expertly managing the guest travel and accommodation.

Although undisputedly one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, the exact location came with its logistical challenges. This said, the JustSeventy team love to find challenges in the face of adversity and embraced the logistical planning needed to successfully build the event spaces.

A custom marquee was designed and perfectly fitted to the shape of the courtyard around which the house is built. Features of the beautiful landscaped garden were masterfully included within the overall event design to ensure the character of the family home would not be lost. Embracing all existing flora and fauna of the grounds, the colour palettes and styling were a real joy for the team to develop.

As the sun was going down on a scorching July day, the guests arrived for their drinks reception in the lower gardens prior to making their way to the covered courtyard for dinner.  At a mixture of table shapes and sizes to fit both the space and the friendship groups, dinner was served. Some informal speeches were dotted throughout the dinner to break up the spectacular food being served then, to be sure that the guests understood that they were there for a party and not just a dinner, a drape dropped and there was a hidden nightclub.  The warm, balmy summer night made it too easy for the guests to let their hair down and party in this tremendous setting… all the while knowing there would be some assistance with their recovery the following day…!

The next day, nightclub closed and dinner tables moved, a fabulous recovery brunch was in full flow. Live chef stations and buffet tables with food beautifully presented were welcome sights for the guests coming from the night before. A live band with soulful yet relaxing sounds were allowing guests to mingle and explore all that was going on.

Boat rides down the river, ice cream carts, games, picnic set ups and much more were all dotted around the grounds for guests to enjoy. Geared at both adults and children, whole families were able to enjoy this wonderful sunny Sunday prior to commencing their travels back to London.

The Brief:
  • Summer Soirée
  • Garden Party Brunch
  • Event At Home

Photography by Hester Mariott