Obvious elegance yet understated opulence are key attributes to the iconic Lancaster Ballroom at The Savoy, London. Frequently for weddings, the ceremony takes place in one location then the guests find themselves in a different location for dinner. When a Ballroom as breath-taking as this one is at your disposal, there is the strong temptation to stay in it and use it as much as possible; and this couple did exactly that. The guests were seated at their dinner tables and enjoyed a table-side view of the ceremony, something which in the UK rarely happens.

Ready for the bride to walk down the aisle, a splendid flower arch created a wow-factor entrance, allowing her to be walked down a raised aisle to a most spectacular chuppah, designed by world-renowned florist Rob Van Helden. Guests marvelled at the setting and took their seats whilst enjoying music from a talented string quartet. The bespoke stage had been built at one end of the Ballroom, but draped in half so that it was just big enough for the string quartet, whilst still keeping the dance floor and party band’s equipment hidden until later on.

With the glass broken and an eruption of cheer and energy, the bride and groom left the chuppah and the JustSeventy team set rapidly to work removing the aisle, chuppah, and all traces of the ceremony. Without the guests having to move and with seamless teamwork, the Ballroom moved from magical daytime garden, to a summer’s evening. The table centres, there from the beginning became more of a feature: voluminous blossom trees, an array of twinkling candles and blousy roses created a truly spectacular vision.

Design details such as rose-gold table-tops, complemented by intricate lighting concepts were vital in achieving the overall look for this client. Although highly detailed as a tablescape with the majestic trees and vases, it was the overall base of whites, ivories and creams with just a hint of blush and metallic which allowed the beauty of the Ballroom to work in tandem with the design rather than be overshadowed.

Until the end, the guests were in awe and enjoyed leaving through the beautiful flower arch as a final memory of a fabulous wedding and phenomenal floral design and production.

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The Brief:
  • Floral installation
  • Custom production
  • Garden style

Photography by Chiko Photography