Find us a luxury event planner who doesn’t love working at Claridge’s, because we can’t imagine one exists!

The JustSeventy team were ecstatic to be asked to design a unique wedding for a valued return client for whom the tastes, styles and level of detail expected were understood from the beginning. With a brief to design and produce a clever fusion of Kazakh and British cultures, giving equal representation of the Bride and Groom’s heritage was such an exciting challenge!

After in-depth discussion, it was determined that the ceremony would incorporate Kazakh culture by having the vows taken within a yurt. Months of research into patterns, building techniques and details ensued. The design team loved exploring this interesting culture and the results were simply astounding. Aside from the Bride and Groom, all of the guests were mesmerised as to how such an accurate structure could be constructed within a traditionally British event space.

When the moment came for the Bride to walk down the aisle in her traditional Kazakh bridal attire, all of the details came together and created an authentic setting for this couple to happily wed. And with cheers from the crowds at the end of the civil wedding ceremony, the newlyweds led their nearest and dearest through to a fabulous drinks reception.

A showstopper of a mirror-tiled bar created a focal point and reflected soft lighting throughout the room. All around the space, and particularly on the escort card table, stunning floral displays adorned the room. Giant urns filled with roses, sweet peas and hydrangeas not only looked incredible but also provided a heavenly scent throughout the wedding venue.

With a change of attire for the bridal party, into traditional western black-tie, it was time to lead guests through the area that once held a yurt but now made way for the evening bar, and into the ballroom. The transformation of the ballroom however was a real revelation, making it a wedding like no other – the detail and creativity was incomparable, blowing away all the guests and even the suppliers!

It was really important to the Bride and Groom to make all guests feel welcome and situated where they had a clear line of vision both of the stage and the happy couple. The JustSeventy designers formulated a way to raise different areas of the ballroom, including the top table and even added a lighting feature to spread a delicate glow across the flooring. A hand-painted marble effect dance floor was positioned in front of a matching stage, ready for a 14-piece band and DJ to later perform.

A stylish tablescape was created through the use of a mirror table top, exquisite floral designs and luxury glassware. The incredible five-tier cake has to be mentioned, which was positioned proudly in front of the stage until it would be cut at the end of dinner. Expertly crafted sugar flowers to mimic the exact flower selection around the room: peonies, roses and sweet peas, it was a phenomenal addition to an already breath-taking room.

The evening followed a traditionally British format with a delicious three-course meal, speeches then an impressive choreographed first dance which then led everyone into the party. An amazing show-band and DJ went back-to-back all night long to ensure that the beautiful dance floor wasn’t just pretty but that it was well-used!

A lively party, a busy bar and a happy couple… it really was the perfect wedding to combine two families and cultures.

The Brief:
  • Cultural Collaboration
  • Classical & Sophisticated
  • Inclusive to all
  • Fun & Memorable

Photography by Robert Shack Photography