“Unprecedented” was most certainly a word heard a lot in 2020. With the world going into a pandemic tailspin, the JustSeventy team and their clients had no option but to postpone Gaby’s Bat Mitzvah. Initially a casualty of the pandemic and a source of sadness, 2021 would later be the year of the most spectacular party. A design scheme of Hollywood glamour meets Charlotte Tilbury, in a raw unpolished space, an unprecedented visual transformation was on the cards for these guests.

A venue with resplendent style and restored Gothic features, Battersea Arts Centre was a clear choice of ‘blank canvas’ venue which would lead to immense creativity. Hollywood-style bulbs around a giant screen, a graceful blend of soft dusky pinks and deep merlot, and custom-built props together made the original space unrecognisable. The incredibly talented Simon Lycett and team truly understood the magnitude of the Grand Hall and decorated it accordingly. A vibrant tree of fuchsia and soft pinks in the reception bar, giant compact mirrors filled with flowers and endless tied blooms ensured a clear link to all the various spaces within the venue.  As guests entered and took their seats, they were overjoyed to finally be together again and in such a stunning setting. The gigantic floral installations set on the dining tables had individually tied ribbons hanging down with lipsticks, flowers, mirrors, make up brushes and more… all a girl could need in Hollywood!

With so much to fit in and an extensive space in which to move people, the flow of the event was something which was considered with great detail. After a reception upstairs, a group of four energetic horn players from ALR Music steered a parade of guests through the architecturally exquisite, yet long, corridors and to their seats ready for Gaby’s big moment. Once the ceremony had finished, there was a seamless removal of the front stage before the curtains were pulled back and The Downtown Allstars could get the party started, seeing guests fill the dance floor.

A feast for the eyes and for the stomach, family-style sharing was a fundamental part of the clients’ culinary vision. All very cleverly presented within the floral displays on the tables, the Alison Price team served bespoke sharing bowls to the delighted guests. On the other side of the room, Gaby and her friends were spoiled for choice with custom-made food stations offering everything from burgers to sushi to pasta, and an indulgent dessert station.

Amidst the stylish sofas, poufs and youth-friendly area, was an abundance of activities. Endless pockets of fun including jewellery engraving, edible mist and arcade games all ensured that no one was left bored and on the side lines.

For the cherry on top as some may say, the night was completed by the appearance of a spectacular bespoke cake by the Tattooed Bakers, much to Gaby’s surprise. The addition of pyrotechnics for added sparkle and flair was reflective of the celebratory explosion that everyone had waited for so long to enjoy. An “unprecedented” level of fun and entertainment… well worth the wait.

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The Brief:
  • Hollywood Glamour
  • Glitzy Transformation
  • Endless Fun

Photography by Robert Shack Photography