The JustSeventy team were excited when the concept for the bar mitzvah of this family’s youngest son was to transport all the guests to Africa.

On the day, it was a sheer joy to see The Grove Hotel ballroom transformed into an authentic safari lodge.  As with all JustSeventy events, no stone was left unturned and no areas within the design left to chance.

Aside from the carefully chosen furniture, there were so many important components contributing to the final design of the room. The entire ballroom was covered in hessian floor to ceiling. The structural columns of the ballroom were disguised and converted into trees with authentic tree-tops and lanterns suspended from them.  The ceiling had billowing sails to soften the room and give the feeling of really being inside a tent or lodge deep in the heart of the Savanna.

A great deal of the spectacular decor came from the thoughtfully sourced array of African-patterned material which was used not only on the tables for napkins, but on the stage and bar backdrops, and subtly around the rest of the room.

As an additional and creative touch, every child’s place setting had a friendship bracelet with their name in beads. This was a lovely keepsake.

The details collated on the tables were a real talking point for the guests.  The centrepieces were carefully put together and each table had a distinctive and unique design.  Weeks of sourcing eclectic items paid off when these props could be combined with grasses and wooden candles to continue the rustic and fitting designs throughout.

The evening saw electric performances from an energetic show band as well as the appearance of some sensational African animals! Another element really adding to the overall event was the Hollywood actor who hosted the event as a safari ranger, creating an authentic and immersive experience for the guests.

The Brief:
  • Use The Client’s Family Heritage
  • Immersive African Experience
  • Culminating Event For The Family
  • Bespoke Hand Made Details

Photography by Paul Toeman Photography & Mark Seymour Photography