Below is our May 2020 JUST TRENDING newsletter.

Below is a selection of content that has arrived in our inboxes during quarantine that has sparked our interest that we would like to share with you too.


The JustSeventy team could not contain their excitement when Blondies Kitchen released their Ready to Bake Cookie Dough Roll. Let’s face it we are done with the banana bread and scones, plus there is always one or two ingredients that are still proving difficult to get in the supermarkets, so why not be done with the hassle! These make fab gifts for friends and family who are in need of a little naughty treat to keep them going. Bravo Blondies Kitchen!


Bored of the same old Deliveroo orders? Having an isolation celebration and looking for a luxury takeaway option? Look no further! Supper is a central London upmarket version of Deliveroo, and is the world’s first Michelin delivery service. Having launched in 2015 its business model sees drivers pick up food from high-end eateries in the capital – specifically those with a Michelin star – and deliver them to businesses and homes across London.

Eating Michelin starred food from the comfort of your own couch might sound too good to be true, but there are plenty of options out there to help feed your high-end-eating habit. Check out the restaurants available, and if they deliver to your postcode here. Not only can you order just for yourself, but if using the Supper app you can order for up to 30 people, which while perhaps not ideal now, could be a good excuse for a party in a post-Covid-19 world.


Having been in lockdown for over 9 weeks now, there was only one way our director Laurie was going to keep his passion for burgers going. That was through the online ordering of the burger kits to his home. The beauty of these kits is that the ingredients are all ready to go, fresh and measured, which makes life really easy. The instructions are also super simple, which means you should be able to recreate your favourite burger joint in the comfort of your own home.

So far Laurie has had three different burger kits delivered in the following order: Burger & Beyond, Truffle London and Le Bun. Laurie did not opt to order the Patty & Bun kit as he has had many a visit to their restaurants in recent times so did not feel the need to satisfy the need to make one in lockdown. Laurie scores Burger & Beyond 8.5/10, Truffle London 6/10 and Le Bun 8/10.

Let us know if you’ve tried any other good burger kits in lockdown!


Now that we are over a couple of months into staying at home, the hunt for things to keep us entertained is ongoing. One of the team recently tried out one of the digital escape games from Trapped In The Web. The Games differ by difficulty and can be played alone or in teams. We recommend arranging a zoom call, sharing screens and doing it as a team for a collective effort. It’s low budget at £7.99 per game and good fun!


Whether you are looking for an innovative team-building activity for your clients/team, celebrating a birthday or special occasion, or just a fun way to stay in touch, the ‘Virtual Cocktail Masterclass’ is what you need. Now you can learn to mix, muddle and mash with a ‘Virtual Cocktail Masterclass’ from The Cocktail Service. Make, shake (and of course, taste!) a selection of cocktails at your very own masterclass, starting from £15 (ex.VAT). With 3 packages available there’s an option for for everyone. The classes last approximately one hour and require a minimum of four participants.

Get in touch with our friends at The Cocktail Service for more info!