Below is our October 2019 JUST TRENDING newsletter.

JUST EXPERIENCE – If you are someone that is always searching for a new culinary experience, Journey at Chelsea Funhouse will be for you. This immersive restaurant experience allows guests to enjoy a meal to remember as they travel through the tasting. The different ‘journeys’ replicate flavours that are inspired by four notorious expeditions such as the Silk Road. Food, however, is not the only focus of this sensory event. Guests can also enjoy a fun atmosphere and absorb the musical offerings.

JUST EAT – The JustSeventy team were lucky enough to sample some delicious edible cookie dough this month courtesy of our friends at Humbledough. We were surprised to find out that what tasted to us like a cheeky treat was actually vegan, gluten free and made out of oats and essential oils. A group favourite was the Peanut Raspberry Jam, a delicious twist on the classic PB&J. Humbledough are available to serve their pots of goodness to up to 500 guests at your event.

JUST DANCE – We are eagerly anticipating the 8th November as another new venue will be opening its doors. Bloom Kensington will replace the famous Mahiki, a club that was known for welcoming both celebrities and royalty in its time. Bloom is set to be a little less exclusive, with free early entry, a restaurant and two bars. However, the discussions around a secret dance floor suggest the nightclub will maintain a unique edge.

JUST INSPIRE – Some of you may remember Olafur Eliasson’s famous ‘Weather Project’ that saw the artist install a giant ‘sun’ in the Turbine Hall, which had visitors from near and far coming to bask in its faux rays. Now, the creative is back with another inspiring exhibition that once again focuses on immersing guests in a fabricated climate using light and colour. Visitors can expect to experience indoor rainbows, a journey through orange fog and a kaleidoscope of colourful projections. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, Eliasson’s work is a cleverly packaged comment on the current issues we are experiencing around climate change. If you haven’t had a chance to make it to the Tate yet, the exhibition will be open to the public until the 5th January 2020.

JUST TASTE – Wild by Tart is a brand new space at Eccleston Yards that is the definition of versatile. The creators, Tart London, are a catering company that are known for working with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Vogue as well as feeding some famous faces such as Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. Tart’s new restaurant also functions as a bar, photography studio, deli and event space which makes it the perfect venue to keep on our radar. The unique structure of the space derives from its origin as a power station, giving it an unusual industrial-chic vibe that creates a cool contrast when elegantly decorated. We can’t wait to sample a selection of their vibrant dishes and will be sure to take home an assortment of goodies from their delicious looking deli.

JUST INDULGE – Who doesn’t love eating out? October has given us the perfect excuse to do so in the form of the 11th London Restaurant Festival. This month-long festival collates over 60 events into a programme that celebrates London’s culinary accomplishments and its vast collection of amazing eateries. Activities have included tastings, evenings with celebrity chefs and food tours to name a few. One event series that really caught our eye is the ‘Film Club’. The combination of cult classics with fine dining, ‘gourmet popcorn’ and cocktails sounds like the perfect recipe for a delectable evening.