Below is our July 2019 JUST TRENDING newsletter.

JUST FEST – We love a brief that allows us to push  boundaries . Recently we collaborated with the fantastic team at Camp Bestival to create a festival vibe, a land of pure fun where guests were encouraged to lose their inhibitions and soak up an afternoon of both visual and interactive entertainment. Largely taking inspiration from Camp Bestival’s colourful sets and props, all the entertainment and activities were fitting to the client’s wish for unadulterated fun.
Even though we are in the height of summer…To create a festival themed event, whether outdoor or indoor, JustSeventy have now created a unique festival package with Camp Bestival.For further information please contact us.

JUST ENTERTAIN – We recently teamed up with Creature Events on an event and welcomed guests into the Natural History Museum with a highly entertaining life like Raptor. They have some unbelievable movement and controls and the entire audience were amazed throughout the meet and greet.

Whether it’s making their way through your crowds or on the red carpet, their dinosaurs are big, bold and enough to grab any crowds attention.

JUST EAT – Joining their fleet of 25 unique tricycles have been the Pizza bike, Fish and Chips tricycle, Rolled Ice Cream, Pink and Raspberry Ice Cream and the new standalone Espresso Stand. From the best triple-cooked chips, a pizza cooked in 90 seconds, and a secret Rolled Ice Cream recipe these products incorporate stunning food and drink, with great food theatre!​ Book IdeasBox for your next event!

JUST SNAP – We are very excited to be working with Smartpicsuk next month.
They offer their unique Everybooth® which is photobooth hand built in Oak by English craftsmen. Despite it’s retro design it is packed with the latest technology including Canon DSLR cameras, professional studio lighting and Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers as found in photo labs. Designed and operated by professional photographers it will give you the ultimate quality prints within seconds for your guests/ clients to take away. The prints and photos can also be branded with logos or marketing messages. Pictures can also be shared to social media or email direct from the booth itself.

JUST TECH – We’re blown away by the production for Eric Prydz while he took over the Tomorrowland stage. Surrounded by a glowing “Holosphere”, the illuminated orb made of over 2.4 million LEDs, 150 individual laser diodes, and weighing over five tons let the audience see larger-than-life visuals that included everything from the tiniest of molecules to immense galactic forms, swirling galaxies, crackles with darts of electricity, and alien planets, from all sorts of different angles without any distortion. Two years of work resulted in a two-hour visual extravaganza, setting a new goalpost not just for Prydz, but the entire industry.