Below is our June 2020 JUST STYLE newsletter.

Event styling with Rebecca.

Want to find learn more about events, or how we do things here at JustSeventy? We’re about to start our weekly Q & A series to give you more of an insight into our events…this week we are discussing event styling with Rebecca.

What is the process for coming up with a tablescape or styling vision?
It’s great to pull inspiration from a variety of places. Sometimes clients already come with a vision that we build on together, other times we build on the styling from scratch. I take inspiration from current trends, music and TV, live performances/shows current affairs as well as the endless inspiration you can find on all the well-known digital platforms.
I take inspiration from my surroundings all the time. In terms of table design, restaurants and bars are a good place to seek inspiration. Or whilst on holiday at a chic beach club, or quaint restaurant. I also take inspiration from the many digital platforms offering endless ideas as well as the client’s style and initial ideas.

What are your favourite things about styling an event?

I love searching and finding new items and also the trial and error of mixing and matching different items colours and textures. I quite often throw in a couple of wild card options when it comes to a sample set up. It’s nice when the items you didn’t think would work together end up looking great.

There’s nothing better than seeing all of the details come together…

Pinterest and Instagram show beautifully styled tables for weddings, what are your tips to achieve this?

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Your table décor is an opportunity to showcase your own personal tastes and have some fun. It’s also important to think about the space you are in. Do you have high ceilings? Are there any heavy accent colours or styles already in the room that would be nice to complement?

It’s good to decide on your colour palette, be it one or two colours, a hue of colours or something slightly more eclectic, the rest can build on from there. Mood boards are a good way of getting all your ideas into one place so you can see how well things work together.


What are some of your favourite pieces that you have used?

Im a big fan of the Anastasia chandelle chair, with their hand embellishments on the back, each one is slightly unique. We used these dispersed on an event as an accent chair, so there were just a few dotted around for an extra special touch.

The Urbane linen range has also been a firm favourite of mine for a long time. The texture and the weight of the cloths mean it has a crease free drape and it comes in lots of different colours.

Glassware and charger plates really help to tie in a theme of a table. I love the vast selection from companies like Options, Duchess & Butler, Whitehouse Event Crockery and Jones to name a few. If you want to stay quite neutral and classic on the table, a good way of bringing in a bit of colour is with some accent shot glasses, or coloured cocktail glasses.


Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for another topic next week!

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