Claridge's Barmitzvah Circus Party Event Luxury JustSeventy

A creative circus-themed Barmitzvah at Claridge’s, designed by JustSeventy

Below is our June 2020 JUST SOURCE newsletter.

Event styling with Rebecca.

Want to find learn more about events, or how we do things here at JustSeventy? We’re about to start our weekly Q & A series to give you more of an insight into our events…this week we are discussing event styling with Rebecca.

Why is entertainment sourcing one of your favourite areas of event planning?

It is one of the most memorable elements of an event as a guest or attendee. Whether it be an incredible band or a really clever immersive piece of entertainment. Good entertainment provides the trigger points of long lasting memories. For example music often takes people back to a certain point in time, like a first dance at a wedding, or a holiday. Entertainment is powerfully emotive and we are lucky to work with many creatives and professionals at the top of their game.

What are some of the ways you discover or ‘test out’ entertainment options?
Attending showcases and going to stage shows is one of the best ways we source new entertainment. Experiencing it first-hand allows us to really understand which clients it would suit.

For clients, why is this such a good area to let your planner guide you on?

We have experience of working with a wealth of people and we are able to guide you. We base everything on your tastes, requirements, budget and venue, then present you with the best options to match your brief.

We understand production requirements, sound restrictions and various other elements to take into consideration. Professionalism is also a very important factor and working with like-minded people makes all the difference in the overall process of the planning and transition into the event.

What can challenges be with sourcing and securing entertainment?

With certain acts you need to work around their performance schedule which could mean they are abroad or in a long running contract already when you would like them at your event. Therefore consulting diaries and finding solutions to that can sometimes be a challenge.

As the standards of performers and musicians is ever rising, the desire for personalised and bespoke set lists at events with a live band is ever growing. Anything can be achieved with the right amount of time and budget, but sometimes this can be challenging to fit together with budget requirements.

Helping clients to understand the additional costs involved with certain aspects of entertainment. For example the best bands will require equally as good sound and production.

What are some of your favourite acts that you’ve sourced?

La Soiree – We designed and built an event around the entirety of this show. Transforming Claridge’s into a Spiegel tent, guests were sat on half-moon tables facing the central stage for a very unique experience of the show.

Alexis Conran from BBC’s The Real Hustle – A surprise to our client’s guests, we had Alexis set up in the client’s wine cellar, moodily lit and awaiting very small groups of guests at a time. During the course of the evening guests were gathered using immersive planted characters in the party and were ushered down for an up close and personal experience of being hustled and conned.

Miss Behave – After attending her popular Gameshow the team knew we needed to incorporate it into an event for one of our clients. Endless, back to basics fun, the venue (Ham Yard Hotel) had the perfect space in which to host such an act.

The Soul Brothers – I love a good band and I remember my first experience of The Soul Brothers some years back, it was the combination of the vast variety of genres together with their infectious energy on stage that had be hooked. We have since had the pleasure of working with them many more times since.