Below is our July 2020 JUST ORGANISE newsletter.

Organisation with Olivia.

Want to find learn more about events, or how we do things here at JustSeventy? We’re about to start our weekly Q & A series to give you more of an insight into our events…this week we are discussing event styling with Olivia.

What are your techniques for staying so organised throughout even the busiest event seasons?

No matter how busy we are, all our clients deserve the highest level of organisation and attention to detail from us. We like to stay on top of things in the office by using different organisation techniques to keep all of the different event information contained in a simple, clear, yet detailed format. Using one efficient and centralised system allows information to be communicated to all our staff and suppliers in the same way. We find keeping diary notes for any deadlines, having detailed spreadsheets and colour coding documents like our time plans to be key to our success.

What are the benefits to having such organised event planners?

We feel it is so important for clients to have the stress of events taken off their plate and all tasks tackled in a timely fashion. High levels of organisation also guarantee that budgets are carefully monitored and there are no unwanted surprises.

Our experience allows us to keep on top of tasks, ensuring nothing ever slips though the net, and letting us prioritise what we are working on and when. Planning in this way lets us keep a handle on all of the events that we are working on.

Can you be too organised?

You can never be too organised! As they say, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. I always think it is better to be over-organised than to turn up on the day and be stressed about something that could have been sorted prior. When setting up on site, time can run away with you so it is always better to arrive as ready as you can be.

Do you encourage the spreading out of tasks or blitzing them all in one go?

We use timelines to give us a gage of when different elements should be completed, this also helps our clients have an understanding of the deadlines that we will work to. This includes tasks like booking different suppliers, sending save the dates/invites and putting together seating plans.

I think that it is important to spread out our tasks, based on priority but if you have the capacity to get ahead this is always helpful in the long run, and for when the busy seasons start.


Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for another topic next week!

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