Below is our June 2020 JUST JOURNEY newsletter.

Event journey with Olivia.

Want to find learn more about events, or how we do things here at JustSeventy? We’re about to start our weekly Q & A series to give you more of an insight into our events…this week we are discussing event styling with Olivia.

What is ‘The Event Journey’ and why is it so important to you?
The event journey is the path we walk with our clients. Starting from the initial brief and phone call… all the way through the planning process… the actual event day and then finishing up after the event. We see our clients like friends and therefore the relationship and journey doesn’t end once the events finished.

What are your first steps of the journey?

Each journey takes it own form, however the fundamental steps will always stay the same. At first we like to get to know our clients, what their likes and dislikes (where do they like to travel, what do they like to eat etc) and the main brief of the event itself. These conversations are vital as we gear up to start work on the concept and first designs.

Some of our clients come to us with a detailed brief and a route of where they wish to go, whereas other clients just know the date of the event and aren’t sure on any of the other details.

We love how different each event and brief is as it allows us to get creative, and no event is ever the same!

Does it always follow your original plan or can it alter?

The journey most certainly can alter, and more often than not it does. Changes can be down to many factors for example what the client likes, restrictions of the venue, discovering a better way of doing something and so on.

When you stand back and reflect, what is your favourite part of the event journey?

For me, its coming up with the creative concepts and details. Even the smallest of details can have the biggest visual impact. On the event day, I always stand back, just before the guests enter the room. Taking in all that smaller details combined with the larger features, I love how it all comes together.

“The Event Journey” is so special and unique with every single set of clients. It really is something special that I am so passionate about.


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