Why Corporate Event Themes Matter

Luxury Creative Event Fairground Barmitzvah London JustSeventy

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4 Reasons Why The Theme Of Your Next Corporate Event Matters

These days, it’s not enough to throw together a drinks reception with canapés and call it an event. When your business’s reputation is on the line, it’s all eyes on you – and what your brand will deliver. Expectations have never been higher and the pressure to execute a successful corporate event has never been greater.

So whether you’re hosting a corporate event, intimate conference or annual office party – here’s why your theme is important…

Luxury Creative Event Fairground Barmitzvah London JustSeventy
  1. Themes Create A Buzz

With expectations (and competition) at an all time high, making your corporate event memorable has never been so important.

Choosing the right theme will get your guests excited about – and engaging with – your event. This in turn makes marketing your event and connecting with your audience a lot easier.

Themes can be as simple as a colour, era, movie, activity or a moment in time. The important thing, according to the event producers at JustSeventy, is that it translates to all aspects of your event. This includes the lighting, backdrop, props, décor, food and drink, entertainment and promotional literature.

But it all starts with the invite. As styling professionals, Laurie and Stas point out: “The theme doesn’t start when the doors open. It starts with the ‘Save The Date’. Releasing snippets of information in the run up to your event keeps people engaged and eager for more details. It also helps build the excitement and anticipation for the event itself.“

This same drip-feeding principal applies to the event. As the JustSeventy planners explain: “People are looking for an experience. They want something memorable and want to be immersed by the theme… And the most impactful way to do this is to take guests on a journey.”

This journey starts with the initial ‘Save The Date’ and can end with a secret area, revelation or announcement. The scope is endless – and this is where a creative professional can make a difference.

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  1. Themes Anchor Your Company Mission

Themes don’t always need to be fun – they are also an effective way to shine the light on your company’s message.

Whether you’re promoting company culture, corporate social responsibility or launching a new product or service, the right theme can maximise its impact and heighten the delivery of your message.

For these scenarios, the producers at JustSeventy recommend a strong colour palette to optimise impact. Props, décor and finishing touches can also be used to complement the message and optimise its impact. If, for example, you’re promoting green issues, injecting plenty of greenery and fresh, clean lines can enhance the eco-conscious vibe of your event.

Creating a dedicated brand for your event is also another effective way to garner support for your mission. Event-specific logos, branding and hashtags can all work to promote your event, enhance engagement and encourage audience participation.

Luxury Creative Event Fairground Barmitzvah London JustSeventy
  1. Themes Enhance Morale

For many corporate guests, it’s not enough to simply send an invite. Many staff members, clients and associates want to feel valued, too – and themes open up endless possibilities to deliver this.

Incorporating fun, interactive components to your event is a great way to address this issue.

Awards and key speeches can be worked into the event agenda in innovative ways that grab your guests’ attention and unify objectives. The addition of icebreakers or team-building activities can also unite your guests and strengthen your team’s dynamic. Who knew how productive your team could be while trying to uncover an underground disco room, backstage area or secret dessert station?

Luxury Creative Event Fairground Barmitzvah London JustSeventy
  1. Themes Encourage Social Sharing

Want to create an impact? The right styling has the ability to naturally generate excitement for your event. It can also encourage your guests to share their experience on social media, too.

If outreach is your goal, the JustSeventy team insist there are a few key things you can do to make your event extra Instagrammable.

Press walls, backdrops, themed furniture, props and photo booths will all encourage photo sharing. A dedicated event hashtag, competition or app can also inspire guests to share their experiences on social media, too.

But no matter how big or small your function, the aim is to make your event unique and memorable, while driving home your message. And – as we’ve explored – tailoring the theme to suit your unique objectives can make a world of difference to both the delivery and reception.