8 Years, 8 Thoughts

We have just celebrated the 8th anniversary of Just Seventy and we couldn’t be happier looking back over what we have achieved and ahead to where the future lies for us. From humble beginnings to having an office and team around us that we couldn’t be prouder of, every bump in the road and hill climbed has been an education and shaped where we are now… and we’re still learning!

  1. Business

The first rule they say about being in business, is to stay in business. From the early days, even to today, JustSeventy takes baby steps in all our key areas. By taking this approach, this has allowed us to learn and grow from mistakes in the early days and also keeps us nimble by being able to change direction if something is not working.

  1. Client

We are very fortunate that we get to work for some fantastic clients, both private individuals and corporations. With our clients we become an extension of their team, working to achieve the best event possible, on brief and on budget. Clients and the event landscape is forever changing and continually adapting is key in such a competitive market place.

  1. Design

The key to any successful JustSeventy event starts with a well thought out design, taking into consideration all key elements. Attendees notice when the event flows and provides a smooth guest experience. They will notice when provisions have not been allowed for too. Good planning also ensures you get the best out of all event partners, with a calm and organised install and derig.

Palace London Bespoke Party Event Barmitzvah JustSeventy
  1. Global

JustSeventy has worked in a variety of countries over the last 8 years. When working abroad you can work with local suppliers if the client and agency are comfortable with the quality and price point. With video conferencing breaking down the boundaries with clients overseas, JustSeventy has managed to turn around a two day conference with a variety of suppliers across multiple time zones.

  1. Entertainment

Whether it’s music, cirque, cabaret or immersive entertainment, it is crucial to understand how long you should engage with your guests for. The entertainment should be pitched perfectly in or around the food, while allowing guests to converse and, if appropriate, focus on a specific entertainment performance. The right (or wrong!) act can make or break an evening. Subtle changes during the event should be factored in as the event evolves, for example, remembering to build the volume gradually throughout will increase the energy in the room and ensure there are no unexpected surprises to the ear drums!

  1. Catering

A successful food and beverage menu doesn’t need to be complicated or pioneering. What is important is that there’s plenty of it, that guests aren’t waiting or queuing and that food is always served at its correct temperature. Streamline cocktails and take pressure off the bar, so that guests can be served efficiently. If the logistics of the event and your chosen catering company are creative enough, food theatre will always excite your guests. Take them on a culinary journey…

  1. Production & Tech

Clients can often underestimate the budget required for production and technical requirements. Delivering in line with a creative brief, along with entertainers and their riders is no cheap feat! We often try to illustrate some indicative budgets for these items prior to booking the client’s chosen venue. They key is to ensure you have enough lighting and sound to cover the venue, so that the event feels full and guests walk into a “wow” factor experience.

  1. Team

Without a trusted in-house team and reliable event partners and freelancers, we would not be able to achieve the excellence we strive for when delivering each event. All of our team are passionate and always want to push the boundaries for our clients. A key rule in the JustSeventy office is always ask questions and never cut corners. If you look after your team and suppliers, they in-turn will look after your clients.

Ski chalet Bar Mitzvah party at The Berkeley

Every anniversary prompts reminiscing in some regard and eight years was no different, so we felt sharing our thoughts around our experiences would be quite fitting – we’d love to hear yours!