Growing up, everyone has hobbies and interests, but some have a true passion and perhaps a future vocation.  Kobi, celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, could not be any keener on planes, flights and travel… his knowledge and expertise puts most adults to shame!  With this in mind, his parents advised that there was only one theme to go with for their family’s special occasion: all things aeroplane!

Throughout the planning stages, the level of branding was incredibly important, as the decision was to implement an entire flight experience, thus creating a new airline for one night only!  The venue of choice, from the outside, was little more than an unassuming car park with industrial shutters, which led into one of London’s most highly sought after photo and film studios, Park Royal Studios.  The nature of this venue providing a truly blank canvas was imperative for the transformation to come.

On arrival, guests were given no clues as to what lay ahead, but were directed straight into the ticket hall and departure lounge.  They collected their boarding cards from glamorous air hostesses – serving as escort cards – from the check-in desk then enjoyed some pre-flight refreshments while keeping an eye on the screens to check their boarding times.  People were transported to what could have been Heathrow, with such accurate signage and detail to this authentic set up.  One can never be too careful with safety procedures therefore security gates, officers and even dogs (the family’s own) were brought in to cement the airport experience… just minus the excessive queuing!

Over the tannoy, a boarding announcement made guests move through to the main space, otherwise known as Kobi Airways!  Unlike many Bar Mitzvah celebrations, this was not in a ballroom, nor a traditional space; the studio’s vast blank area allowed the JustSeventy team to create Kobi’s very own plane, big enough to fit all of his party guests.

Imagine a stationary flight simulation, with the best food served and every detail thought of, and there you have Kobi Airways.  Long tables gave the impression of aisles, with runways and model planes for centrepieces. As with any high-end airline, the branding was consistent and marvellously executed with even a safety card, a lifestyle magazine (featuring the family) and bag with essentials (ear plugs, eye mask, water, pen etc.).

The Kosher caterer involved ensured that their food was still far superior to that on an aeroplane, but staff members in uniform wearing neckties, hats and the all-important red lipstick, distributed all the dinners on trays.  At the back of the room, an authentic galley was created with compartments, trolleys and frontage… even a Duty Free trolley with fragrances, chocolate and gifts!

A stylish pilot hosted the evening and was on hand for all passengers’ needs, as well as talking them through their journey.  Onto the walls saw video mapping – using clever imagery to give the impression of actually flying in the plane, as well as the flight’s progress.  Up front the guests could see the pilots flying in the cock-pit and for a moment they all forgot that they weren’t in fact headed off on their holidays!

Musicians along with a DJ broke up an exceptional dinner with captivating musical performances; all the guests were on their feet and had a wonderful time celebrating with the family.  For once, the passengers were not ready to get off the flight and wanted to stay for more – however it was time to collect a recovery bag, have the pilot bid farewell and then wait for their airport transfers back home.

Kobi Airlines Flight KA13 has safely landed, over and out.

The Brief:
  • Immersive
  • Pushing Boundaries
  • Technological

Photography by Chiko Photography