Clean, sleek and stylish with high-spec design was the combined goal for this JustSeventy client. Held in the iconic large ballroom of The Dorchester, the team’s intricate design work came to life and translated perfectly from paper plans to real life.

Creating a trendy Bar Mitzvah nightclub led the creativity down the route of glossy surfaces, laser beams and neon detail, all of which complimented each other perfectly. The artists, positioned on the black light-edged stage, were reflected onto the pristine gloss-black dance floor which was only enhanced by the expertly installed lighting.

To create interest, and also put a spin on the speeches, LED walls were added into the set design. Throughout the dancing, eye-catching images would appear, then through the speeches, some outstanding bespoke content would accompany the spoken words. The dramatic colours projected by the screen were intense and added a whole new dimension to the room, which was only enhanced when the lasers came in to play as well.

No one could miss, nor fail to be impressed by, the incredible neon chandelier hanging over the dance floor – complemented by the matching table centrepieces, which were a mix of neon Perspex and florals. These aesthetics, combined with mirror and lighting led to the creation of the coolest London nightclub for one night only!

Aside from the décor, two very important aspects to this luxury event were the food, and the music for dancing. Everyone seated separately, the kids in their raised VIP area and adults in the main space, enjoyed delicious food which had a real emphasis on sharing – whether this be through sharing platters on the tables, or dessert stations dotted around the room. It was a sociable dining experience and allowed the guests to mingle all throughout the evening.

The band filling the dance floor at every given opportunity, VR pods, arcade games and many more pieces of entertainment made it impossible for any of the guests to be left bored! A successful party is when all guests mix, are entertained and smiling throughout… mission complete.

The Brief:
  • Futuristic Design
  • Change How Speeches Are Done
  • Transform the venue
  • Musically cool

Photography by Robert Shack