Start as you mean to go on!… As the first barmitzvah for this family, it was time to set the tone for years to come and put on an incredible occasion for all to enjoy!

Following both a Friday night shabbat dinner at the clients’ home in a marquee, and the synagogue service on Saturday, it was time to finish the weekend with a bang. The traditional parts completed, these clients didn’t just want a party, they wanted a festival. And when the inspiration is “Glastonbury meets Bestival”, two of the biggest and most celebrated festivals across the globe, a good time is guaranteed.

Held at the iconic Wrotham Park, such an epic daytime festival took five whole days to build all of the various components to make it the incredible occasion that it was. Never leaving anything to chance, the JustSeventy team had both wet and dry weather plans, however were delighted to only need ‘Plan A’ for beautiful summer weather. The full set up was centred around a stage, dance floor and bar area, with a plethora of activities and entertainment mapped out from there.

Guests were spoiled for choice and were in sensory overload as they chose which routes to take around the festival. From the circus tent to the target-practice SWAT van, continuing through to Drunken Jockeys Bar as the clients’ favourite tequila, there was so much to see and do! The overall creative theme within the festival was Day of the Dead which meant a lot of skulls, florals and traditional Mexican elements injected into the designs.

To ensure there was a flow and to include all of the important parts of the Barmitzvah, a themed presenter was brought in to keep things moving and hype up all of the guests. Some light jokes from the presenter and a fitting introduction to the phenomenal Earth Lights Band, and the dance floor area was a full festival mosh pit!

For those who wanted to truly embrace the festival vibe, they could keep roaming and exploring throughout the site… inflatables, Kerb food trucks, a Shine Shack tattoo parlour, a recreation of Miami Beach set up with lifeguards and a surf competition… the party went by in the blink of an eye.

Aside from DJ Tony Perry and a secret silent disco nightclub, the cherry on the entertainment cake was when Ellerdale, the Barmitzvah boy’s band headlined the festival and debuted their latest hits. Fortunately they were so well-received that they now continue to regularly rehearse and perform at school.  Headlining an unforgettable summer festival, watch this space… do we have a new event party band on our hands?!

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The Brief:
  • Festival Vibe
  • Party Tent
  • Endless Activities

Photography by Blake Ezra Photography